Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Watching the Resilience video reminded me of why I decided to join the Youth Development program. Looking back, although school is about learning, it is also about helping kids move forward and creating an open space that will lead them to explore, create and expand their way of thinking. 

                                                      When I think of school, I think of the word "Routine" why? because to students school means waking up in the morning and going to this building that we called school. A place where you sit in a desk, receive homework and receive quizzes and exams. But to myself, who learns everyday more about the Youth Development field, it is more than just a routine, which is what a Youth worker is all about. In a way that it is going to create different programs and ways to involve the younger generation to not only have their voices be heard, but to also bring the best in them, lead them into the right direction for the future and be a guidance for them, which is what it means to me and what I look forward to.         

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