Wednesday, November 2, 2016


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My three questions in regards to this debate
      1. 1.     What made Democrats decide on Hilary Clinton as our next president?
        2.     What made Republicans decide on Donald Trump as our next president?
        3.     Is third party still relevant? 
With elections coming up on November 8th, I spoke to a few people about the debates that have been on air. It seems clear to me that these two candidates (shown above) who are running for president are not in good terms with America. I myself am not big on politics, but I do involve a big chunk of my life on social media. This is where I get to hear most of what goes on around the world and the country, not so much on TV though. Because I get to vote this year, for the next president of United States, I know that since I am living in the smallest state of the country, my vote matters, but not as much as if it were to count in a different state such as Florida. Not that no vote matters, because every valet counts, but because I know little of these two presidents, except for the fact that Clinton had an issue with a few emails that were deleted and other illegal stuff, while Trump said inappropriate stuff which were turn to memes, had a small loan of $1 million dollars from his father and had a show back in 2004 on NBC10 called "The Apprentice". I'm not sure.      

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At one point I thought about voting for the guy running in third

 place "Gary Johnson", but he's too funny and this 

                                                                       I just don't know.

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