Monday, October 24, 2016

Context Mapping

"Between now and Thursday, I want you to pay attention to how you feel, and specifically note when you feel safe and when you feel anxious or uneasy. Got it?"

This quote is what Mitch ask Julian to do.  hyperlink:

Before meeting with Julian, Mitch needed to understand her feelings.  He did so by asking her to pay attention to her behavior and how she felt. Mitch tells her to look out for ways in which she reacts to things which can potentially help him understand her situation better.

This connects to a context map because it helps to break down the problem of a context and understand a certain situation, in this case, openness. For instance identifying the four different types of identity, which are 

1.     Moratorium: A temporary life event or activity
2.     Foreclosed Identity: A type of crisis that an individual experiences and goes through during the process of a life event
3.     Diffuse Identity: Figuring out who you are as a person
4.     Achieved Identity: Coming to a conclusion, finding one's true sense of self.  

I, myself decided to create my own context map by identifying how I came across the "YDEV" program. I had the decision to join this career with the help of my advisor who helped me solve my crisis as a college student by guiding me through a career path.     

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  1. Hey Jatnna, I really like how you formed your context map differently than most others that shaped around themselves. You solved an identity crisis for yourself by discovering and joining the YDEV major.