Thursday, September 8, 2016


Youth Work in an Educational Practice: Youth workers can be a great benefit to educational practice everywhere because as second teachers they are trained up to date with what goes on in school, the activities and ways that can help a student find his or her greater self. In a way, both youth workers and educators can relate to each other and connect in a sense that can be great beneficial through schools and curriculums, as well as reinforce and implement better ideas for the classroom.  

Youth Work in a Social Practice: This can go towards more of a case worker and fall under managing and other personal reasonings, such as students relationship, behavior, values and more. This can relate to several of the volunteering hours during schools that I've done in the past, where I had to mentor along with my classmates a group of students in Middle School. There we did ice breakers and became listeners to what the had to say. This helped as a social platform for many students and for us college students as well.    

Inequality and Work Towards Social Justice:  Over the years diversity has become to be something huge not just in schools, but around the world. As youth workers it is our job that in schools no child is left behind, therefore barriers should never be overlooked nor a person's culture. With this being said, being open minded and more acceptance of things to an instinct should be an important key factor. This way it can be more empowering in a way that can help understand others in a social setting.

Young People Getting Involved:  Whether young students find themselves in the classroom or sitting at the school cafeteria table after school, once they are involved, it can be a great way for them to express themselves and open their creativity to a whole new level. No matter if it's in the classroom or after school, it is a way for students to work on their personal growth and development of their school years and learning.  

Voice of the Youth: As Youth Workers, we influence in a way that can help students express themselves and we do so by letting them express themselves through the arts, maybe a hobby that they would like to do or simply listening to what they have to say because everyone is entitled to their opinions. Therefore because we worked we kids we are empowering them to do great things in life and be greater communicators so that they can be the voice of tomorrow.

Youth Work is a Welfare Practice: While Youth workers work to find problems around their community and schools, youth workers are there to promote the good and spread positivity. They make sure to coordinate programs as well as run them and possibly advocate issues that students might be facing which is always a good thing because that way it can get them aware of things as well as target the problem and help overcome it.

Youth Work working with Young People "Holistically":  As youth workers, we are not there to label or target audiences. They work to focus and define problems that students are being faced and therefore the work is mostly focused on the social justice policy which we go back to on practice #3. Because there may be different problems and issues being faced with students, it is important to look at it as a whole and not as just one.  

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