Sunday, September 18, 2016


                                                                      Be Color Brave
Looking back at the TED talk video, "Color blind or Color Brave," the spokes person emphasizes on the fact that the color of a person's skin has always been labeled as a race. The issue came across on Hobson's TED Talk video, when she mentioned how in reality the only race that should really matter, is the human race. The way a person looks, should never be the reason or the blame of the color of their skin. People should never be victimized because of it. The idea should never be based on where a person comes from or if they happened to look like a type of race or culture. This is recognize as discrimination and it is something that stops diversity from becoming a positive thing. The color of your skin and where you come from should never be the reason as to why you never got a job position or "achieving the highest level possible." The meaning behind color brave is to never leave a child behind and to always be the bigger person and change the views on these types of issues. Looking back, when I was younger this was a subject in school that was never addressed. Even though my school had a very strong diverse environment, students were always involved in school activities and even teachers all came from different cultures (not that it matters). Possibly during the school year, students bullied other students because of their accents or not having the ability to speak fully English. One time during lunch, a student was bullied because he knew little to no English. Kids happened to bully him and when he tried to talked, he would get mocked on because of he's strong accent and inability to speak English. Other times kids got bully because of their broken English. I never understood others stupidity or stood up, I was the shy kid. Other times people would bully one another for fun so it sorta made other students afraid to speak their minds or even do anything about it. This is where YIA, the organization comes in handy because it features a community where kids are allowed to speak their minds and share great thoughts. A community and a safe environment where leadership and change can happen. Sometimes schools lack on what is important, bullies, and that can be huge issue for schools because of where you come from, the color of your skin or  inability.



  1. Hey girl! I agree that human race should matter, not racism. A lot of people get victimized because of their race or skin color. Thanks for sharing your experience about the boy being bullied in school. I spoke about my school experience and I notice school is a common place where people get discriminated because of where they come from, what they look like etc.

  2. Hey Jatna, I just really enjoy the colored pencils graphic you went with for this blogpost. It is probably better than the overused hands being held around the globe symbolism. A circle of different colored tips pencils or even runny melted crayons on a background is great symbolism for this week's task.