Sunday, September 11, 2016

Blog Post #2

How does "YIA" resonate with my own experiences as a youth worker? 

 "YIA," an organization designed to support and encourage the youth. It helps students and young adults become leaders and show their great potential. Moreover, this organization recognizes how important it is to challenge and provide students with the resource and attention that they need to move forward in life. Opinions matter, therefore it is important to count and listen to everyone's opinion which is what the organization for YIA does. "it's critical for young people to be at the center of change in every community," therefore the YIA organization created a place where young people are allowed to voice their opinions. 
  This relates to my experience as a Youth Worker because I get to involved around the younger crowd and participate as a mentor and a listener. Youth workers are there to help students and younger generation every step of the way. They are there to help them further their education and be active listeners to what they have to say, that way we can further provide help to their needs and help students and young people create their own paths with their own voices. For instance during school hours and after school hours. In a way, YIA explains how everyone voices do matter and how school systems are controlling and treating students as kids without having them express their opinion or give in to thoughts their opinions. Therefore the organization is their to provide an open space for students to let their voices be heard. 
  In the YIA article, "A world where youth hold the power" it states how "Each young person in my community represents some of the negative and some of the positive statistics surrounding our schools and neighborhoods." This quote relates to what a youth worker is all about because instead of labeling the bad, it focuses on a whole and what triggers the society of tomorrow.           


  1. Hello Jatnna, your personal experience you shared involving youth is interesting. I liked how you mentioned that working with youth as a mentor, you often have to be a good listener. This goes hand in hand with helping youth find their own voices as it is important that they feel what they say is being heard and respected. This only happens when an appropriate environment is created where youth can express themselves freely. Both of which YIA does well with their program in regards to empowering youth by listening to what they have to say and letting them have an avenue in which to do so.

  2. Hey JatnnaI appreciate how you not only mention resources but how they need attention to move forward. Also, thankyou for sharing your own personal experience and I agree with how you view yourself and youth work in general because to help these individuals we need to listen and work side by side at the same level.