Monday, September 26, 2016

Nakkula and Toshalis Post

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Looking back, anyone who was considered an adult and contributed to my life I look back at as authors. Each one of these people has helped me shaped my life for the better, similar to Nakkula and Toshalis reading who argue that “we do not construct our life stories on our own." For instance, back in third grade when my teacher helped me move forward with my reading skills when she offered to tutor me after school. Or that time in middle school when my guidance counselor helped me reflect on school and life, I cannot forget the time, the school cafeteria lady told me to never give up on my dreams when I decided to try out for cheerleading tryouts back in freshman year of High School, or that other time when both my parents pushed me to do good in school. I will never forget the time I became a transfer student on my third week of senior year in High School and the guidance counselor and a group of students sat with me in a room during lunch and kept me company. That was really caring of them. Moreover, how can I forget the first person who I met on my senior year in High School, the vice principal. He basically did me a favor by asking what I was interested in doing. Once I told him singing has always caught my attention, he signed me up for the orchestra. There I was able to do school concerts, be part of events, become a soprano and perform with the group at graduation. This which I enjoyed a lot as the new student who transferred at the start of their senior year was wonderful and could not have been possible if my orchestra teacher gave me a spot in his class. Other people who influenced me in a positive way is my brother, for helping me with my homework and study and my guidance counselor for guiding me through graduation. My biggest support so far has been the guidance counselors because they have always helped me build and develop my education path every step of the way. From their collaborative and constructive criticism to plans, it has been wonderful. This is something that as a youth worker it relates, connects and contributes to because it leads, support and encourages youth in the field. It also helps students find themselves for who they truly are and lead them the right way.          


  1. Hey Jatna,

    I like that even the most random of encounters like the school cafeteria worker could be an inspiration to you. I didn't even think about the less significant players in my day to day interaction who helped write my story with me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Jatnna,
    Hi I enjoyed reading the experiences with the faculty and staff of the different schools you attended.The words you chose are relevant to the reading and understanding to the chapter as youth workers.

  3. Hey Jatna,

    I love how I am not the only one who remembers the school cafeteria lady at my school! They always seemed to have little pearls of wisdom when we needed it after waiting in a long line to get food.